Monday, March 7, 2011

Mid-morning mess...I mean art!

It was time for another messy activity this morning.  I had seen this idea here.  They mixed up some paint and squirted it onto paper.  Well I tried her recipe a little over a week ago and it was too thick for the bottles and that lead to a previous post of painting with hands.  Yesterday I came across another recipe to use equal parts water, flour and dish soap + food coloring.  It was perfect!

As you can see Scott has squeezed all of his paint out in a matter of seconds into one giant puddle.  I encouraged him to paint with his pile of paint while we waited for Sydney to finish creating.  That took even less time.  It's all about the squeezing for this guy!
After I saw what we were dealing with, the clothes came off...
and the painting continued.

Until the final two colors of orange and green.   Two bottles just for Scott which were squirted in record time.  He enjoyed the process that's for sure!
"sigh"  Now to clean up my mess.  Oh and I guess it might be a good idea to go ahead and put those pancakes in the fridge :o)

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