Thursday, March 3, 2011

Arbat Street

After Eric got home from work today we headed off to Arbat Street for dinner and to walk around.
The street is pretty much a huge sidewalk with shops and restaurants on either side.
It was a pretty neat little place I would like to go back to again one day perhaps in the morning for a Starbucks.  Instant coffee every morning is starting to wear on me a bit. 

Anyways, the weather is starting to look up!  It's not bitterly cold anymore as you can tell.

This is one big nesting doll.  Sydney started at the biggest and was labeling them: Daddy,, baby, baby, baby, etc.  There were a lot of babies.  Perhaps we need one of these.  This could keep them busy for hours.  Then again we would probably need to buy a plane ticket to get the thing home.

This trip to Arbat Street we hit up McDonalds but next time maybe Texas Chicken? 

Dessert =  Dunkin Donuts

Moment of silence?  Inhaling the sweet chocolate smell?  I'm not sure because I don't remember such a pause once he had the donut in his hands.  One minute it was whole, the next it was missing the frosting.
 Sydney tasted a few sprinkles.  I even witnessed her taking little nibbles off sprinkles.  I mean it took her 3 bites to eat one sprinkle.  It doesn't get much smaller than a sprinkle. 
And I wonder why she doesn't eat much...

On the way home it was rush hour on the subway.  Mobs of people squeezing and pushing their way through the gates and then onto the escillator onto the subway, off the subway, back to the escillator.  All I was thinking is that we are like cattle being herded and please don't trample my children.  I'm not sure which I prefer: Houston rush hour or Moscow rush hour?

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