Wednesday, March 9, 2011

mail and space

We got notice several days ago that a package arrived...

It's not so simple in Russia to receive a package.
We headed out to the post office this morning. 

1.  Entered main office and spoke to woman.
2.  Walked down street to the left-per woman-told to go back to corner post office.
3.  Entered arch and went in right side door.  Told to go to window 8 back at main post office.
4.  Went back to main post office and talked to same woman.  We communicated through pictures.
5.  Went back to arch and entered in middle door...
6.  Discovered the secret package room :o)
and mission complete!

After a hearty McDonald's lunch we headed to the space museum.  The only pictures I took were of the outside because you couldn't take pictures inside unless you had a special ticket and the Russian ladies on duty were out in full force.  They would actually follow us through the exhibit waiting...I was wearing my camera so they were either waiting for that or for one of our kids to touch something which they pounced on once when Sydney touched a glass case.  It was a nice museum.  I wish I could of read the info.

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