Tuesday, March 1, 2011

action packed morning

Sometimes you just don't know what your morning has in store.

Sure it started off with robot getting a bath after his breakfast...
 and the other transformers following his lead.

Then it turned a bit more colorful.

Mixing colors...

A few left over ice cubes were mixed with some shaving cream.

Sydney was finished but Scott had other ideas.

So while the ice melted...

the kids played in the tub for about an hour.

We recorded our results and then...

tried painting with the new colors.

Some colors worked better than others but

lots of fun was still had by all!


  1. I am sooooo impressed!!!! You are an amazing mother!!!! They are adorable!!!

  2. You're too sweet! Thanks! We are just trying to fill our days while in Russia. I know I've been taking too many pictures lately but it's my creative outlet right now :o)