Saturday, March 12, 2011


Just when I thought winter was over it snowed again!
I don't mind the snow.  It's the mud and water that is everywhere when it melts.  And it melts daily since the temperatures are up in the 30's during the day.  So it was a snowy walk to the circus and a muddy walk home.

We went out to the circus today!

After eating another successful lunch at Pizza Hut we killed some time at the clown statues.
You would think pizza would always be a successful lunch for kids but not Scott.  He likes "plain" pizza.  Plain being-- no cheese or pizza that looks like it has no cheese because he really does like the cheese on his pizza.  Apparently this Pizza Hut does it right in Scott's world.  The cheese is slightly overcooked so not resembling stringy melted cheese.  I'm afraid Scott will always compare future pizza to his perfect Russia Pizza Hut pizza.

The one ring circus was complete with all the acrobats you could imagine, clowns, dressed and dancing chimps, camels, tigers and other large cats, and a horse. 

No circus experience is complete (at least in my book) without some kind of flashing light souvenir. 
I still remember my red flashlight I got the one time I went to the circus.  I think it was similar to this one:
R.B.B.B. Intl. 2 Cell Red/White Circus

The circus was a success!  Sydney was especially fond of the clowns and chimps, especially after they waved to the crowd.  She was all claps and waves after that.

The fun continued back at the hotel where Scott declared a dance party.

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