Saturday, September 24, 2011

Side of Chalk, Please.

Our kitchen table has its top painted with chalkboard paint.
The main reason I did it was for spelling word practice or math fact practice in future years.  

In the mean time we use it for letters, drawing and telling stories.

I wish I could remember...

Scott drew quite a picture the other day and asked if I could write down his story.  That doesn't happen very often so of course I was excited.  I love little kids' stories!  Below is the story that goes with the picture.

Tonight we had pizza.  
This is big for these children.  They like Russia pizza but we have not been very successful in the US.    They both asked for it so I decided to try it.  Sydney wanted cheese and Scott wanted plain.  He still does not know that his pizza has cheese on it.  Dinner was a success!  Yea for liking American pizza!

Well anyways Sydney was in one of her moods--too hungry so wouldn't eat--so out came the chalk to distract her so she would start to eat.  She's learning how to draw trees with Scott but she eventually turned her tree into a lollipop.  She chose her facial expression for her pictures :o)

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