Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First day of preschool

The big day finally arrived.  Preschool.
We were up at 2am this morning again so it was a long wait until the start of school but he could not contain his excitement when I said it was time to get ready and take pictures.

Since it wasn't the official start of school (last Wednesday was) I felt silly taking a picture of Scott in the classroom so we stepped into the hall.  

We got there early to meet the teacher and see the room.  He was ready for me to go once he went through his morning routine.  He's got his ideas about how things should be and mommys don't stay at school :o)

Sydney was dying to pick him up.  She really hasn't spent long lengths of time away from him in her short (almost) 3 years.  In the parking lot she said, "Scottie, I just missed you so much!"  He just smiled.

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