Monday, September 5, 2011

MAKS Airshow

Now that Jen and the kids have gone home I find my self with ample time on my hands so I guess I'll join in the fun blogging. A few weeks ago I was invited to attend the MAKS airshow in Moscow. Its one of the larger airshows in the world and was especially big this year as Russia unvieled its newest MiG fighter jet.

I had never been to an airshow so didn't know what to expect, but really had a good time. There had to have been over 100 different planes and helicopters on display from several different countries.

Russia had several planes from past and present on disaplay.

The US also had quite a display at the show. There must have been 20 different aircraft and hundreds of AirForce personnel there. They spent all day showing press and Russian dignitaries through the aircraft so when I walked up speaking english and just a normal person they lit up and gave me all kinds of behind the scenes tours. I must have talked to 20 members of the AirForce all more than happy to talk about their planes. Very cool.

Then came the flying demonstration. There were several great demonstrations but the highlights for me were watching the Airbus 380 and the new MiG. It was hard to believe he could even get the airbus off the ground let alone how he could manuvuer it over the airfield.

The MiG was incredible with the speed and precision they could fly with.

If Tom Cruise has taught us nothing else though its that the US could still take them if we needed to.

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