Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Nighttime Liveliness

We have had wakeful nights around here and tonight is no exception.  Sleep for a few hours and then up for a few hours to finally rise for the day at 2pm!  When the kids are up they are in the best mood--playing together.

Last night they read books together.  Sydney has started asking Scott to read books to her which if it's not a "girl" book he'll "read" the whole thing.  Last night Sydney had a pile of princess and barbie books which he opened to one page, said something and said The End.  It was good enough for Sydney.  Then she looked at his books with him.  He made sure to hit every page.  I'm telling you that girl knows more about Star Wars...

That's a mean crunch!  Yes, the nights are filled with lots of food.  When you think about it that's when our bodies expect dinner.

Maybe we'll all sleep through tomorrow night...probably not.  It's only night #5.

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