Saturday, August 27, 2011

Moscow Zoo

The trip we've all been waiting for...the zoo!!

Boy the zoo was a zoo today!  I think every child in Moscow was there.

 You really got a taste at the difference in culture.  People pushing to see the exhibits. More high heels and fancy dresses than not.  Toys, balloons and rides for the children EVERYWHERE!  When families go out they spend money.

Duck/bird islands

One of the most popular exhibits--the polar bear

You take a picture of one, you have to take a picture of the other.

nice placement of the sign...

The little toy Sydney chose to take along today was a little pony.  There were a lot of farm animals at the zoo and sure enough we came across a horse to which she exclaimed, "It matches!"

Again difference in culture...There were signs everywhere which I assume said something like don't feed the animals or touch them or whatever.  The guy in green dumps his food for the zebra so everyone can jump over the barrier to pet him.  We were amongst the crowd and Sydney got to pet the zebra.  When in Rome...

Scott got to pet the camel.

There was a bunch more we didn't get around to seeing but after a few hours fighting the masses of people we were all ready to call it quits. 

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