Friday, April 8, 2011


This week Nana has been visiting us in Houston.  Early in the week we headed out to the zoo.  Apparently everyone in Houston had the same idea...
The ducks and pigeons were looking a little hungry so we were sure to give them a snack on our way in.

Once inside...I'm sure Scott was thinking "Mom has her camera so I'll finally get that picture with the elephant I always ask for."

a little bit of drumming

a tiny donation

a spin on the merry-go-round

Why the sad faces?  Is it time to go home?

Today's magic word = ice cream 
Now we're back on the right track.

one cone for Scott...check!

one cone for Sydney...check!

one cone for Nana...check!

Wait a second.  What's going on here?

Let me explain.  Child one and child two decided they had enough so mommy two fist-ed it.  
I did throw away a small bit of one of the cones so I could say that I didn't finish ALL two cones :o)

Hooray for the zoo!

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