Monday, April 25, 2011

Pam and Jason's Wedding

Thursday we loaded up the car and headed off to Austin to attend our friends' wedding.  Pam and Jason asked Eric, Scott and Sydney to be in the wedding so it was extra special.

We stayed at a ranch just outside of the town of Dripping Springs.  There was a lot of outdoor space and plenty of animal sightings.

Friday morning was rehearsal.

Saturday was the big day.  Cathy (Memaw) was able to join us this weekend to help out with the kids.  It was absolutely wonderful to have her help!!

About an hour before the wedding Sydney wanted to put her dress on so we did.  
About 20 minutes before we needed to leave she wanted to take it off so we did.

slightly scandalous...

When it was time to put it back on for the ceremony she fought, she cried, she did not want to put that dress back on.  It did go back on eventually and she became a happy little flower girl.
The rest was history.  It was a beautiful wedding and both kiddos made it down the aisle without me :o)

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