Monday, April 11, 2011

This post was inspired by recent events seen at Space Center Houston today.
Rad Rhonda, of Space Center Houston, demonstrated shooting a rocket using ingredients similar to baking soda and vinegar.  
I did not have the energy to re-create Rhonda's rocket but since we were grocery shopping on our way home I did throw a few extra large bottles of vinegar and 3 boxes of baking soda in the cart.  I sure missed shopping in bulk while in Russia!

Among the uses of vinegar on the back of the bottle is building a volcano...

Alrighty... since we already did all this in Russia I decided to put my recycled containers to good use in hopes of prolonging the excitement of this experiment.

Sydney patiently spooned her baking soda into her jar.

Scott rapidly went through each and every container.  He probably used half the bottle of vinegar while Sydney was patiently spooning her baking soda.

When Scott grew tired of the two ingredients he asked for salt and tried any and every combination of salt, water, vinegar and baking soda.  He said the salt just made it a bit spicy.  

Yay!  She's ready for the vinegar.  Here we go...

Clean up time!
Actually I asked Scott what he was doing and he said, "Making pork chops."

Now she dumps the entire box of baking soda!!

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