Tuesday, August 28, 2012

a day in the life of a 3 year old...

I will miss the words of a 3 year old...

Instead of just joking (the old phrase) it goes something like this:
"Mom I'm going to stay up 21,000 hours."
"You'll be pretty tired."
"Oh, I forgot to say knock-knock!"

On the way home from school Scott shares some classroom rules.
Then I ask,
"Sydney, what rules do you have in your class?"
"Oh, I don't have any rules.  The teachers have rules but I don't.  Just the teachers."

I can just hear the teacher, "My rules are..."  Such a literal child.

I've mentioned before that I often post stuff here so I'll remember and today was one of those days.
Sydney's teacher stops me in the hall just to mention that they are letting her go barefoot for the rest of the day because I put 2 different size shoes on her this morning.  The smaller shoe is totally cutting into her foot.  She's probably on the verge of a size 9 and one shoe was a 7 and the other an 8.  
The shoes did match.  I had just bought the same pair awhile back.  
Same shoe, different size.  Thank goodness these teachers know me :o)

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