Sunday, August 26, 2012

Columbia Gorge and waterfall hike

If you are wondering...a gorge is a deep, narrow passage with steep rocky sides.  In other words it's a canyon.  This was a road trip day.  Driving, stop and look, drive, look, drive, hike, drive and drive and look.  This is coming from queen of motion sickness :o)
The scenery was amazing and well worth it!

The bottom of the waterfall.  1.5 mile trail to the top.

A brief stop on the way up...

He made it to the top! When asked how he felt he showed me 5.  Not sure what that means but way to go little buddy.  All the way up and down by yourself--absolutely no railings...YIKES!

Off to Mount Hood and Timberline Lodge

We partook in a snack and some beverages at the lodge. 
 Scott had a root beer, specially made for the lodge.

Not the same as A&W I guess :o)

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