Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Surprise

My mom turns a very special age this year.
We wanted to do something special.  We knew we would be going to the beach during our visit and that our mom has been saying for years and years and years that she wants to get everyone (her brother + wife, their kids, and her mom plus Jon and I and fam) together for a little trip so that's what we did.

I still can't believe it worked out so well.  We needed a beach house to fit us all and thank you mom, she found it even though she had no clue!  She booked a house to sleep almost all of us for the exact weekend we were planning to pull this off.  It was just meant to be I guess.

Everyone is in place and in the background you can see Mike, her brother, leading his dog, Scupper, down to make his grand entrance.

Oh but there's more...Toby, great-grandma's dog!

Then there was some camera malfunction and I missed all the great surprise greetings but managed to catch the tail end.

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