Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Gus!

If I were a pet, I would want to be Sydney's.  Have I said that before?
We are pet sitting Pam and Jason's guinea pig, Gus.
He looks a little nervous.  Sydney has placed him just so and is busy...

wrapping presents in the kitchen.  I have been instructed to bring my own gift if I want to attend the party.

First there's cupcakes right there, 2 stairs up.  She ran out of cake mix so she made cupcakes instead.  
I'm snapping photos while we are singing Happy Birthday :o)

Oh boy! Present time!
Opening the things she wrapped (and my thoughtful gift) was like Christmas morning for her.  
This one's mine.  It's great. 

Cars!!  So fun!  Big brother is intrigued.

Ok, gift #2 is...

a bag of carrots! 

And final package.  Scott keeps saying "It's a book.  My guess is a book.  It's a book." 
Sydney tells him to stop telling Gus.  It'll ruin the surprise.

Excellent!  Books about guinea pigs.  What a thoughtful care taker you are Sydney.  I would also like to note that she and I made a grocery store run the next morning to purchase veggies for Gus.  She had her book and little shopping cart.  I must remember to think about what I promise because, just like her brother, she doesn't forget.  I thought taking the camera on a Saturday to the grocery store was a bit much or else I'd have a picture.  
I was already over the top with the little shopping cart.  

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