Friday, July 6, 2012


Tuesday started off like any other normal day...
A little breakfast.  

Can I make a side note.  For awhile now I have not dressed my stubborn daughter.  So the outfits she wears in pictures are pretty much all her choice.  I have tried to make suggestions.  For example, it's not necessary to wear a skirt under a dress or your butterfly shirt doesn't match the butterfly skirt just because they both have butterflies.  Did I also mention she refuses to wear shorts.  Oh and most days call for an outfit change mid way through.  I have gracefully stepped aside so she can make her choices and we can all have a calmer morning :o) Maybe one day she'll look back at her pictures and say, "Mom, you were right."  Sorry, that was more than a side note.
When I look at the whole picture I can't complain too much because she does put it all on herself.

A little painting...well that's not a normal day activity.

And a little pink!  I treated the kids to a play at the theater, Pinkalicious!  It's based on a book where the girl eats too many pink cupcakes and then turns pink.  Everything about the experience was great.  The theater was small, kids could see, kids could snack and the play/musical was fun to watch. Yes, even Scott really enjoyed himself.  You see Pinkalicious has a brother named Peter so Scott could relate to him.

You even get autographs and pictures after the show.  Here's Sydney with Pinkalicious.

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