Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Day in the City

After some sleep I woke up refreshed and ready to head out into the city. I walked out of my hotel and down towards Red Square. Walking through the streets its hard to tell Moscow from any other major European City but it surprised me how green it was. There are parks here and there and flowers that I was not expecting.

View of the front of my hotel.

Statue on the way to Red Square.

I got to Red Square and it was an amazing site. I've been lucky to see many places around the world but Red Square is just as grand and impressive as any of them. Its a very expansive area and carries mystic about it. You feel a real sense of history as you walk around, its a somber feeling but one of great pride in the hardships that have been endured, very interesting.

View from outside the Square, gardens surround the square.

Changing of the gaurd ceremony at Tomb of Unkown Soldier.

St. Basils Cathedral. This is one of those things that you see the pictures and have an idea of what to expect but its totally different being there. Its not the size or any one thing in particular, again I just think its the significance of the place itself and what it iconifies.

Lenin's Tomb

View of the Square.

Proof that I really am here (or I am really good at photoshop)

So it was a great day getting to know the city. Weather was sunny and 60 so perfect for just wandering around. All my Russian language training also came in handy today, I got a little lost coming back from the Metro and stopped a lady to ask for directions. Amoung other things I was instructed to do was turn right at the stand selling banannas, so I figure if I can understand that I have a pretty good start.

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