Friday, September 24, 2010

Afternoon on the Farm

Alrighty, so my pictures are so out of order but I don't have the patience to reload them so this will have to do. We headed to the pumpkin patch this afternoon but pumpking picking doesn't begin until tomorrow so it was all about the farm animals instead!

Who could resist chasing chickens?!
Feeding the goats...

This was at the very end of the outing. We had stopped in the store for some apple donuts and they had painted shopping carts (green, orange, red and Sydney's favorite Purple). So after buying the donuts we left the shopping carts to eat at the picnic tables. Sydney cried and cried. Actually it was more like fake crying but still...Great Grandma took her back to the carts for another go.

I guess she is still upset about it all :o)

This is the Nut House. Scott and Sydney are not to sure but...

that didn't last to long for Scott. He was rolling around in no time.

Sydney finally made it in. She stayed in that one spot.

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