Saturday, September 18, 2010

An American in Moscow

Sorry in advance for the lack of pictures of cute kids in the posts coming from me on this site. Believe me, I wish I was able to take some and post but alas I will be in Moscow for the next 9 weeks. I thought this site would be a good way for people to stay up with whats going on though so we'll give it a go.

The flight over was a long one but good, stopped over in Washington DC and then a 9 hour hop over the pond into Moscow. Weather getting out of car in Houston 88, weather in Moscow getting into car 48 and rain (guess I'll just have to do Fall next year). I plan to get out into the city more tomorrow but about all I could muster today was a trip to the grocery store.

Here are a few shots from the room, its not huge but it'll do. Its a 1 bedroom with a kitchen and living room. The room is pretty well equiped in terms of comforts from home (washer/dryer, cable TV, DVD players, etc) so not all that bad, just a long way from the family. Here are some shots of the room.

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