Thursday, July 18, 2013

Here fishy, fishy!

For years the kids have wanted to fish.
They finally got their chance.

Step 1: put on your worm
"Do you want to do it Scott and Sydney?"  "NOOOO!!  Ewww!!  Gross!!"  Seriously.

Step 2: Drop the line in the water.

BAM!!  You catch a fish!  I didn't even have time to say Step 3.

Step 2: drop the line in the water.

BAM!!  There's another!

Take a picture of sister...


By this point Sydney was successfully fishing without a worm.  This was not your typical fishing trip.  But the kids had a great time, caught some fish and checked another one off the bucket list.

Speaking of bucket lists...Bria and I unhooked our first fish.  Woo-hoo way to go Bria!

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