Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Minnesota Summer

The kids and I took off for Minnesota to visit family while Eric was in Japan.  We were a little busy, a little lazy and a teensy bit hot sometimes despite what you might think when you think Minnesota.

One day we hit up the Fargo zoo and children's museum.
At the zoo I managed to take pictures of a variety of animals:

Peacock in pot

Statue of peacock? I'm stretching a bit...

Peacock walking

After a hearty McDonald's lunch we were off to the museum where they...

Rode the train (loud in the tunnel).  
**Note: Children are not in the tunnel when picture was taken**

Got down on the farm.

And enjoyed some fantastic painting among other great things.

Now when we weren't off somewhere else you could bet your bottom dollar we were either:
A. playing baseball in the backyard
B.  Eating homemade cookies
C. playing UNO

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