Friday, December 3, 2010

What are we going to do today?

What a morning!  We filled our time with a variety of crafts and I still can't believe it's only 1pm!  What are we going to do this afternoon?  Maybe I'll make it to the grocery store after all.

I showed Scott how to use a stapler while Sydney was busy beading.  I can't remember where I saw this beading activity but it's perfect for Sydney and actually Scott too except he wasn't too interested.

Scott stapling away...
He never actually stapled anything together but did make a love picture of staples!

Next they practiced spelling their names and counting on the clothesline.  I then made some number cards for both of them which Scott hung up and Sydney decided to color on. I guess I didn't make them pretty enough for her :o)

Now it's time to blastoff, ship out or drive away...
Our house is slowly filling with shipping boxes the closer we get to Christmas so we put a couple to good use today.  

They come complete with telscopes, phones, buttons and a steering wheel.  
Dining in is optional...
The boxes are currently outside letting the paint dry.  Yes, they attempted to paint them but their attention span was not long enough to paint the entire thing.

Not so good on the foam snowflake.  
And the adventures continued outside.  Please note it's currently 73 degrees outside but Sydney has insisted on wearing her hat for the past several days outside.  I bought some droppers the other day and yesterday they painted paper using the droppers.  It didn't work too well so we tried some other materials I had on hand.  

Cotton balls ended up being the best since they soaked up all the liquid.  We'll probably use them for something else after they dry.  Sydney pursued other interests--mixing--while Scott was seeing how far he could shoot colored water when he thought I wasn't looking. 

The house is now an even bigger mess than before so until another day... 

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