Friday, December 10, 2010


 It's hard to believe 8 years ago Ally was this little ball of wrinkles. 

Bonding with her brother.

Now she's content to nap all day, perhaps chew a bone and take in a walk or game of soccer at night.

Sadly, today I took Ally to an oncologist.  She had a skin biopsy right before Thanksgiving and it came back as a mast cell tumor.  The tumor is not a lump but spread all over her skin.  It's hard to describe but she's pretty much hairless at the affected area from licking or scratching and it's inflamed.  She wears a shirt to help keep her away from the area.  If it were a lump then they would surgically remove it and be done.  It's stage 2 of 3 and only affecting her skin (not internal organs) so I'm optimistic that treatment will help.  Right now it's on her left side and spreading to her leg.  It's itchy or bothersome to her because if she's not wearing a shirt she licks and licks and licks.  Other than that she acts normal.

She has started chemotherapy today which consists of two pills once a day.  She may or may not have side effects but if she does then another treatment will be tried.  After a month I'll take her back to the oncologist and they will re-evaluate her situation.  I just hate giving her medicine that I have to wear gloves to handle.  That's got to be some potent stuff!  We're hoping for the best!

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