Thursday, December 16, 2010

This year's Santa visit...

Tonight we headed out to visit Santa.  This is our second year to ride the Christmas train put on by a local church.

So to recap, this is last year's Santa photo:

I just couldn't get over Sydney's change in a year and had to include this comparison picture.  

Alrighty and now Santa visit 2010...
I managed to get a family photo before we left just minutes before double meltdowns.  Both children slept in the car and awoke much happier.

First up was the train ride.  

Then to the model trains.  Of course Scott said we need to build this at home.  I better put some more effort into my box buildings.  He's expecting big things tomorrow!

Next up is Santa!  
Who's in?

Scott, "No, not today.  Some other day."
Sydney, "YES!"  

She anxiously paces around not knowing where to go.  Does she run to this bearded man?  How to get around the people?  Oh, we wait in line.  (hands on hips)
Honestly I'm shocked that she didn't back down once she knew Scott was not going.  Maybe 2011 will be the year she is no longer Scott's shadow.

While she's waiting, Scott has wandered back to...

It's her turn and she runs to Santa!

I imagine he's asking her what she wants for Christmas and she's now shy.

They had an area where kids could write Santa a letter or color him a picture.  When you were finished, you dropped it off in his mailbox.

Whew!  After all that of course you need to have a snack.

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  1. Love all of these pictures!! The one of Sydney running to see Santa is priceless!!