Sunday, March 24, 2013


We caved...

Ainsley was found at Pet Co on Saturday.  Second Chance Pets was the shelter/foster there that day, looking to adopt her.

 Ainsley is 9 weeks old.  She's half German Shepard and half Golden Retriever.  Yes, she'll be big.  She is my exercise program.  Who needs a gym when you have a big dog that needs exercise, right?!

She plays hard and sleeps hard.

Sydney set up shop.  She has got this dog thing covered.

Jack is hesitant but I think they will bond just fine.  She is very sweet, calm and lovable.

Her name when we got her was Sheba.  It didn't fit her personality but Sydney insists on keeping it around so she is named Ainsley Sheba Maier.  

Scott was even motivated enough to write.  

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  1. What a wonderful addition to your family! Can't wait to meet her.