Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ainsley: week 1

I find it hard to believe that Ainsley has only been here for a week.
Our house has never been cleaner.  Not tidy but clean.  I'm sure you can draw your own conclusions why.  Today alone I've steam cleaned twice.  That was not how I intended to spend my day.  
I will say that I have gotten more exercise in the past week than the past 3-6 months.  

10 weeks: 18 inches long, 12.4 pounds

Bonding with the kitty has gone smoothly.  Jack tends to let her know whose boss by biting her ear if she's too rough.  I have only heard one hiss and that was at the very first meeting.  Jack continues to come out and be around Ainsley so I'm assuming that he's OK with the current arrangements.

Jack is very patient and tends to warn with his evil eye stare.

I've tried to take lots of pictures but this is what I deal with...

She's always says she's sorry.

We think she's a keeper.  She's a good little puppy.

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