Monday, December 3, 2012

The Actual 4th Birthday

Sydney's actual birthday, November 18th, had it's ups and downs.

Downs: Scott was getting over being sick.  Scott does not like ice cream.  Sydney was starting to get sick.
Ups: Tylenol made grumpy, feverish children "normal."

I took Scott shopping for Sydney the day before...

This package was from mommy and daddy.  It was sitting wrapped on my nightstand for a few days before her birthday.  It is a camera and it was taken out of the package before it was wrapped.  She picks the package up one night and says, "I know what this is!"  She puts it down and she goes off skipping and singing, "I'm getting a cell phone, I'm getting a cell phone."  

Apparently she's going to be very disappointed in future years.

So that was the morning.  Everyone looks happy and healthy.  Fast forward to the evening skipping the fevers, complaining about having to get ice cream, very short trip to the ice cream shop and here we are.  Sydney asked, "When am I going to blow out the candles on my cake?"
Well I was not aware there was going to be a cake.  I didn't think she liked cake.  
Really am I saying these doesn't like ice cream, the other doesn't like chocolate or cake??
She thought candles in her leftover ice cream from the ice cream shop was a fantastic idea so here we are.

Before eating it was sliced (like cake) and dished out for all to enjoy.  

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