Monday, June 4, 2012

All Dolled Up

Sydney has collected about 8 tubes of chap stick/lip gloss over her 3 short years of life.
She will sit down in front of the mirror and apply each one on top of each other or she might apply one, wipe off, apply another, wipe off, etc.  
I have some REALLY old make-up so I gave it to her the other day...

Trying to figure out how to see and put eye shadow on the eye lid.

Figured it out but also insisted it was okay to use it for your cheek.

Right before she looked back in the mirror to see if she was finished she turns to me and says, "Go play.  I'll help get you ready when I'm done."  Ummm...I wonder where she's heard those words before.

So carrying on with her mommy role she asks for her glasses back. 
 I say, "No, I need them." 
She replies, "No, really they are not a toy.  I need my glasses."
Oh man.

This, I don't take credit for teaching her...She's grandma. :o)

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