Thursday, May 3, 2012


Zoobilee was...well...last month.  I'm a bit behind on my posts.
Zoobilee is like a party at the zoo for zoo members.

We had a little pre-party at the party tent--inflatables, large rabbit to pet, crazy photo shoot.

I finally brought my camera to the zoo so they were asking for pictures like crazy.
We've never even seen this movie.  

This was a big moment for Scott.  The last time we were here with friends Scott climbed up on top of the monkey and fell right off the top face down.  Thankfully he caught himself with his hands.
This time he was successful.

And his sister was there to help him down.

We rode the carousel twice.  Once I rode with Sydney and...

the other time Scott and I rode the bench.

Free snacks = cheese crackers.
Don't tell Scott this though.  This was proof that he enjoyed one bite of a cheese cracker :o)

First time potato sack race for Scott.
He refers to this as the bean bag race.

Airbrush Tattoos.

Oh and a picture with mommy.  Oh those are rare so I guess that makes them extra special!!

So the other big thing at the zoo that night were dinosaurs.
We visited the dinosaurs two years ago in 2010.
I mention this because there were A LOT of similarities between the visits and one big difference.
2012 = HAPPY

2010 = SAD

Ok, now for the similarities...
1.  Scott was wearing the same tennis shoes. I mean the exact same pair.  I thought kids feet grew like weeds.
2.  Eric is wearing the same hat.
3.  Scott and Eric and both wearing sunglasses and Sydney is not. (I'm really stretching for more similarities at this point since I did stress A LOT)
4.  Sydney took her shoes off in the car and boy was it unpleasant.  I promise the last zoobilee was the last time I remember this happening.  I was driving the car that night and or I would of taken a picture for comparison sake.

Well that was only 4 things but I guess it seems like a lot to me. 
 If Scott is still wearing the same shoes next year then... I should just buy him some new shoes.

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