Thursday, April 5, 2012

Curious Juice

Curious George is a rather influential monkey.  There's one episode where George makes all kinds of juice with a juicer from fruits and vegetables.  Then at the end of the episode it shows children actually doing this so Sydney was on my case asking to make juice for days and we finally did.  
I thought this could be a great.  We can make a chart and record if you like it or not, etc, etc.  
She told me no.  Maybe later.

So here's the ingredient run down.  The blueberries got mixed with a bit of yogurt because 5 of them don't blend very well in a blender all by themselves.

She did try them all...

except for spinach.  I don't blame her.

We did this last week and she's already asked 2 times this week to make more.  
Hmmm...I wonder what my weekend entails?!

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