Friday, March 2, 2012

Old friends, new friends

Last weekend Sydney and I got to hang out with one of my oldest friends, Stacey, and her family.  We have known each other since kindergarten.  She made the comment and I've been thinking about it since, our kids are almost the same age we were when we met.  

It took Sydney awhile to be a happy, social, little girl.  Actually it took half way around the zoo and I think it was at the goat petting when she finally befriended Grant.

She rode for a few feet in his stroller but decided she had enough when he held her hand.  
She exited the stroller after she attempted to kiss him.  Okaaay.

But then it was OK to hold hands and run around the zoo!

Good times with old friends and new friends.

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  1. Awwwe! Love that title! We had so much fun with you guys!