Monday, February 27, 2012

We'll miss you Ally

 We had to say good-bye to Ally this morning.  
On Friday her oncologist said it was time so we spent one last weekend with her.

Poor dog went through a lot in the last year but finally her body said it was enough.  The tumors were too much and by this weekend she was hardly walking and if she did walk it was slow and hard I'm guessing, judging by her breathing.  

I am thankful that I had the extra time this past year and a half to spend on vet visits and just caring for her.  She was my shadow, always following me around the house, day and night.

Her first family photo...
For those of you that don't know she was free in a box at the Uhaul storage facility the day we were moving our stuff out of storage in Dallas and moving to College Station, 6 months after we were married.

and this weekend's photo--one of many but the best we could accomplish.

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