Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January Extras

January was a pretty busy month...let's see...

The girls got busy shaking, shaking cream to make butter, that is.

Eric purchased our first pair of 3D glasses.  They go over well with the gang.

Sydney spent her allowance and some Christmas money on a wheelbarrow she saw immediately when we entered the store.  She never changed her mind which was impressive because we were there for at least an hour while Scott debated, reasoned, begged, cried, changed his mind and finally happily came to the conclusion of his purchase.

Quite an impressive harvest for only one afternoon of gardening.

A friend and I threw a baby shower for another friend of ours.  Aren't those cake balls amazing!!  I didn't make them but my friend did!  I made the hard, chewy brownie bites sadly displayed next to the owls.

Sydney and I made cloud dough using flour and baby oil.  Fun stuff to play with!  
Thank you pinterest!

Monkey joined us for breakfast.

Finally some use out of materials I have been wanting to use for at least a year.  I thought perhaps we could get a jump start on Valentines but...

Jack, the cat, is the only one with a truly finished product at this point.

Ted-E-Bear came home this past weekend to visit from Scott's school.  I tried to enlarge the words below so you could read what Scott had to say about the visit.

I anticipate another busy month in February--Scott's birthday, Valentine's Day, t-ball, etc.  Perhaps I should just anticipate busy months from here on out.

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