Saturday, December 31, 2011

Gingerbread homes/skyscraper

So Christmas is over.  The decorations are down and the first annual gingerbread houses and skyscraper just hit the trash.  Don't worry the memories are preserved in photos.  So let's take a look back at the fun!

Everyone that participated in gingerbread house/sky scraper construction has never built one before.

The walls were baked from scratch because there were just too many of us to buy the kits.  Surprisingly it was easier than expected.  I'm prepared for next year with my gingerbread house walls and roof cookie cutters picked up at an after Christmas sale.  Bye-bye paper templates!  So anyways, I baked up the walls and the night Jon and Jennifer came to town (the night before building day) Jon designed his sky scraper, the Fountain Place, located in downtown Dallas.

Here he's cutting out his pieces.

The next day...decorate, decorate, decorate.

The finished products:
Scott made a car with an ice cream cone and peppermints which you can't see very well but he gets points for creativity.

My favorite
 Immediately following this photo op, Sydney's house took a tumble and landed upside down.  No damage was done thanks to the amazing holding ability of royal icing.

My friend Kendra joined us in the fun!

This was taken 9 days after the event but they still smelled yummy and were hard as rocks.  

Auntie Kendra brought presents!

Preparing and making gingerbread houses can put you over the edge and make you do silly things.
Seriously though.  These things are awesome--giant pipe cleaners!  
Thanks Kendra for the awesome gifts!

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