Sunday, March 30, 2014


After years of talking about going camping we finally went as a family.
The kids LOVED it.  They commented on how much fun they were having all day long.  They were a little tired after a night of sleeping in the tent but they are ready to go again!

We bought fishing poles to try our luck but there were no fish to be had this trip.  The kids didn't have to bait their own hook but they did have to pick up their own worm  :o)

This girl was worn out after a night in the tent as well.  Actually let me rephrase...we were all worn out because of this girl but she did good for her first time and still being a puppy.  Scott and I learned that she does like to swim if she can walk down a ramp into the water.  On a walk by the swimming area Scott wanted to test the water and so did Ainsley and she just took off swimming with me at the other end of the leash.  She swam out past the railing and up under it so it was a tangled mess.  I had to climb out onto the railing to unhook her and rehook.  Thank goodness for retractable leashes.  That one sure came in handy in that situation.

While Scott fished with his pole and daddy with Sydney's pole she collected firewood...

picked flowers and tried to catch butterflies.

Later we went on an island hike.

Scott found himself a "seal" tree.

We even managed a family photo, dog included.

Then it was back to the campsite for dinner.

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