Sunday, September 15, 2013

All put together and a little extra...

Sydney and I did a little shopping this weekend.  We were already at the mall so why not?  Can you guess why we were at the mall?  Take a close look at the picture.  Do you notice anything?  Before I reveal the answer I want you to take notice.  Every aspect of this outfit has been coordinated by this fashion conscious 4 year old.  Hair, accessories, shoes and clothes.  Also for your info...purple and black are her favorite colors.  Actually "black, X the pink.  No pink mixed in the black" are her words.

Did you see it?  She got her ears pierced!!  
We wanted to wait until she was ready and knew that she was going to have this done.  I asked her Friday night if she has thought any about having them pierced.  She said yes and asked if it hurt.  I said yes kind of like a shot.  Well she didn't cry at her last shot appointment when she turned 4 so she knew she could handle this.  At breakfast the next morning Scott insisted that it will hurt so bad and it will be worse than a shot and she shouldn't do it.  Sydney said, "I know but I don't care."  OK, I think she's ready to get her ears pierced.  
Turns out, it didn't really hurt at all.  

If this isn't a shrine to ear health I don't know what is.
She has taken over ear care and will be properly cleaning her ears twice daily.  
(Note: this shrine has been created by daughter.  Mother is gladly releasing the reins (this time) to her independent daughter because she's tired and doesn't want to remember to do one more tiny thing before school each morning.)

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