Sunday, January 6, 2013

2nd annual Gingerbread House Decoration

It's official.  We have a new holiday tradition: gingerbread houses.  Last year my friend Kendra joined us for the first annual.  This year we were determined to squeeze it in.  Gingerbread house building took place January 4th. No worries that it was after Christmas!

I was not off to a good start that morning.  This was house number one.
I guess it pays to spend the extra time to make sure your pieces come out as close to perfect as possible.

 The rest were a success!

Thanks to my poor baking I decided the houses were going to be much more stable with one roof.  This opened up a whole new option for decorating...inside.
Here you are looking at a few Christmas trees.  I think the star eyeball is a nice touch!

 A few days later I gave in and let them eat their hearts out!

 Sydney was a bit more reserved and ate a tiny bit of candy.  This boy was full throttle.

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