Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Obsessed with Cars

Scott has always liked cars but his love for cars has surpassed that level and is pretty much an obsession now. Let me be more specific...RACE CARS are his passion! He enjoys reading about NASCAR, watching NASCAR on TV and asks his parents many, many, many times a day if he can go to the store to get more race cars.

Yes, he selected these books at the library. I will say the numbers on the cars just might be the ticket to teaching him all his numbers.

Cars go with him everywhere...
He is selective on what he considers "race car" and what is not. As you can see the fire engine and tow truck not in the race line and are not race cars. At this particular time they are sad.

ALL the cars even join him for his bath.

Sydney is lucky if she gets to play with the cars. She usually gets the cars he has deemed non-race cars.

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